Size of the cell: 15 - 25 mm Shape of the cell: oval, sometimes round Colour of cytoplasm: blue, usually light Granularity: without granules or a few, azurophilic, fine granules Nucleus' shape: oval, round, sometimes irregular Type of chromatin: coarse chromatin or clumped Nuclear/cytoplasmic ratio: high Nucleoli: visible, medium or large size, brighter than chromatin, 1 to 3. Occurrence: blood: not present marrow: < 1 % Comment: In the picture a monoblast is depicted. Also numerous other maturating cells of granulopiesis are present. Staining: MGG Magnification: x 1000 1. myeloblast 2. promyelocyte 3. neutrophil myelocyte 4. proerythroblast 5. pycnotic normoblast 6. polychromatic normoblast 7. band neutrophil

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